Pixel Perfect Presentations

Pixel Perfect Presentations

Your guide to using Canva to create print-ready pixel perfect presentations. Make the first impression count. It could change your life!

Why Canva? Why not Powerpoint?

Let’s face it. Powerpoint is popular as the go-to software for creating presentations but it’s not designed to give the WOW factor to documents or presentations. The fonts aren’t as sharp, the choice of templates and library of images, audio and video resources is woefully inadequate. Powerpoint leaves you feeling like driving a good ol’ Ambassador from the 1980s when what you really need is a Ferrari.

Enter Canva!


Page Template Library

Canva gives you a huge library of pre-made page templates to choose from. Even entire presentation templates are available for you to start with.


Pixel Perfect Scalable Fonts

Canva gives you access to a huge library of pixel perfect scalable fonts to ensure your presentation looks good at any resolution.


Image, Audio and Video Library

You get access to a huge library of audio, video and image resources that give your presentation the edge it needs to impress from the word GO!

Try us for converting your Presentation to Canva

We can create pixel perfect presentations which are guaranteed to make an impact. You bring the content, we bring our creativity and design sense. Let’s create magic!

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